Best Melasma Treatment Reviews

Some facts about Melasma
There are many questions in people's mind as what is this skin disease called Melasma? What are the common signs of it? How can you diagnose it? So, if you want to know about it, you should read this article. If brown, blue-gray and tan patches are found in the skin of the people you should understand that they are a victim of Melasma. There are common triggers for this skin disease namely hormonal changes and sun exposure so this is commonly found in pregnant women due to the factor of hormonal changes. It's usually seen on cheek, forehead, upper lip, and nose and sometimes on forearm too. Of course, we can find Melasma victims in men too but it is not common like in women. Birth control pills, hormonal changes during pregnancy, and external hormones are the major reasons for women being the victims. Most of the people who are affected by this skin disease are found due to sun exposure. It usually affects the people who have darker skin such as Middle Eastern, Asians, Hispanic and etc.

A few facts you should know;

This is commonly seen in 20-50 years old women.
Hyperpigmentation causes Melasma.
It can be seen in three location of the face.
It is caused by sun exposure, genetically, and hormonal issues.
The common chemical used in the tropical cream is hydroquinone.
The sunscreen and other accessories to protect from UV rays can reduce the disease. 

Causes of the skin disease

Although the exact cause is not yet found the professionals believe that dark patches are caused due to hormonal changes, genetically transmitted and UV rays. During the summer the percentage affected from Melasma is higher so it is kind of obvious that the excessive sun exposure is also a reason for it. During the winter the patches on the skin become lighter. If the pregnant women are affected from this skin disease it is called as chloasma. It's obvious that during pregnancy hormonal changes are higher and intense so the pregnant women become the easily. Many studies report that the women who get hormone replacement are prone to Melasma.

How to prevent Melasma?

There are some ways to control Melasma so we will jot down a few simple tips which can be useful for you. Here we go;
Wear Sunscreen – you should wear sunscreen always so then your skin will not be exposed to the sun rays. When you are selecting a sunscreen to make sure to check whether it includes titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. To learn more about the best sunscreens for melasma click here

Stay hydrated- it's obvious that everyone should consume 8-10 glasses of water per day so you will be able to stay hydrated. When you drink water you will be able to wash out toxins from your body and also it will reduce inflammation.

Light chemicals– if your skin care products have the ingredients of harsh chemicals then it will cause Melasma to boost up so make sure to choose skin care products with light chemicals.

You should consider these tips and try to work on it so you will be able to stay away from Melasma.